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        Business PC market to grow on digital transformation

        来源:Chinadaily 作者: Wu Xiaobo 2020-01-25 14:32:49

        Business PC market to grow on digital transformation

        Employees work at an office in Xiamen, Fujian province. [Photo/VCG]

        Personal computer (PC) makers should embrace the opportunities of digital transformation to gain new growth momentum, according to market research firm IDC.

        "The driver for China's business PC market will shift from 'equipment replacement' to 'satisfying demand from digital transformation," Wang Jiping, associate vice-president of IDC China, said at an event in Beijing on Friday, when IDC jointly launched a report on digital transformation and the business PC market with Intel Corp.

        Wang said digital transformation was a process to use information and communication technology (ICT) to drive business innovation and growth, including improving business flows, adopting intelligent products and improving marketing capabilities.

        China's major programs – such as Made in China 2025, the Internet Plus and Smart City plans – were all related to digital transformation, he said.

        IDC data showed 85 percent of Chinese enterprises are now at the early stages to learn about or explore digital transformation, which provides a huge market for PC makers to jump in.

        "To accommodate digital transformation, PC producers need to change their roles from the traditional tool of office work to business enabler," he said.

        "That means PC manufacturers should make innovations and improvements in product formats, computing performance, as well in interactive modes, coordination capacity and security."

        Although the market of PC for general office uses – such as in office automation, video conference and financial management – will decline in growth, the market size for PC uses in specialty circumstances will grow by 1.75 folds from 5.8 million units in 2016. The figure will move to 10.2 million units by 2021, IDC data showed.

        Specialty circumstances include program development, data collection, 3D modeling, data analytics and graphic design.

        Seeing the huge potential in digital transformation, PC makers are optimistic about their prospect.

        "Chinese companies have a lot to do in digital transformation," Zhang Yifan, marketing director of Intel China, said.

        "As an enabler for transformation, PC can play a critical role.

        "Intel will work together with all sides to promote PC digital transformation, and provide new possible opportunities for market growth and economic development."

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